Cosmetic Implants

Q-What is Cosmetic Dentistry?
A--Also known as "esthetic dentistry," cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that implements many different procedures to improve the beauty of your smile.

Q-Can existing porcelain crowns or laminates be bleached?
A--No, porcelain does not change color when exposed to dental bleach.

Q-How long should bonding last?
A--Bonding lasts 3-5 years, depending on wear and tear.

Q-How long do porcelain laminates last?
A--When properly maintained, porcelain laminates can last in excess of 10 years (10 years is the approximate average).  

Q-Why do people choose porcelain laminates over bonding?
A--Laminates look more realistic than bonding, and they do not stain.  They also feel more natural, are more durable, and are stronger than bonding composites.

Q-Can porcelain laminates or crowns give me lip support?
A If porcelain laminates are built out with bulk, they can deliver lip support, provided it does not interfere with function and local biology.

Q-How do you get rid of spaces (diasterma) between teeth?
A--You can get rid of spaces between the teeth with porcelain laminates (veneers) or bonding.  Crowns may be used to fix more severe gaps between teeth.

Q-Does it hurt to have teeth prepared for laminates?
A No.  Preparing teeth for laminates is a painless, two-visit procedure. Local anesthesia can be given to highly sensitive patients, but  is usually not necessary.

Q-What are the advantages of laminates versus orthodontic treatment?
A--Orthodontic treatment takes 18 months to 2 years and often requires braces, while porcelain laminates correct crooked teeth in just two visits.

Q-Are cosmetic procedures covered by insurance?
A--Dental insurance usually does not cover cosmetic dental procedures.