Q-What is an endodontist?
A --An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in root canal procedures.  In addition to dental school, endodontists have two or more years of education in this kind of treatment.

Q-What is a root canal?
A--Root canal is necessary when the nerve or blood supply of the tooth (also known as the pulp) is infected due to injury or decay.  Root canal treatment involves removal of the diseased pulp, followed by the cleaning and sealing of the pulp chamber and root canal.

Q-Is root canal treatment and endodontic treatment the same thing?
A--Yes.  Root canal treatment and endodontic treatment are different names for the same procedure.Q     When can I return to work after implant surgery?
A     You can go to work the next day, unless some particular surgical circumstance arises.  Your implant dentist will discuss all postoperative instructions with you.